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Estimate form for Decks, Fences and Deck Inspections. If you require an estimate for a Patio Cover, Remodel, Addition, Pergola, Garage, Pole Barn or anything else. Please Give us a Call. More information will be required than this simple form below. 253-435-8889
What would you like an estimate on? You can also schedule a Free Deck Inspection. *
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Whats Your Email Address? Must put complete address example acustomfit@comcast.net *
Please Provide Us with an Address or Loaction.
Would you like us to call and schedule a time to come out and see you? *
If you want us to call you to schedule an appointment, what would be a good number to reach you at? What’s a good time to call?
Please Provide us with a size. Give us depth (running away from your home) by width (running along your home). Example 10 x 20.
If your looking for an Estimate on a Deck or Fence, please let us Know what type of material. Example for Decking; Cedar, Ipe, Trex, Timber Tech, Composite. For Fencing Vinyl, Cedar, Split rail, or Horse Fencing.
If this is a Deck, is it more than 30 inches off the gound?
If more than 30 inches, how high?
If a Deck, Will you require steps?
How wide would you like your steps and how many sets.
If a Deck, Are you intrested in railing or bench seating?
Are you intrested in a Patio Cover?
What Size of a Patio Cover? Example 10x20


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